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Privacy Policy

Claude T. Smith, Inc. values your privacy. This page describes what information is collected via this website and how it is used.

This website may use cookies to gather information about your computer such as: the operating system, browser, screen resolution, depth of color, etc. Other information gathered may include the most recently visited URL, search engine used, keywords used in the search, etc. This information is not identified with you individually but rather is combined in statistical reports. Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc, uses this information to determine the effectiveness of this website and how the website may be changed to provide better service to our users.

This website does not currently have any information forms for you to fill out. Contact with Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc, through this website is provided via e-mail links. When you send us an e-mail, we record the e-mail address and any information you provide in the e-mail.

Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc, will not sell information gathered from this website to any third party without your consent.

Any changes to these policies will be noted by posting to this site.

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